A rifle - to see what was around

Small details? Yes, that's where the final touch is. Sometimes, it seems that the rifle is chosen casually, and does not give it the proper respect.
Choosing the right rifle can upgrade any tile, and no less important, the unsuccessful choice of a gun, can also make the perfect tile, look bad.


Even after many tours in specialist shops, it remains difficult to understand (yes, sometimes also to designers) how the surface will look at the end of the process. Tiles of any material can match the floor and the walls, but for the simplicity of the explanation, we will relate to the floor ...

The size of the displayed surface is usually about one square meter. , And if it comes to Psi Decor, the surface is even smaller. In the store, the tiles are not displayed with a rifle application, and in some cases, the plates, at eye level, will also be displayed vertically.

So what affects the final appearance?

The thickness of the joint: The connection bars of the rifle vary: adjacent tiles without space (without the use of a rifle) and up to a centimeter wide. Of course, the wider the grip, the more noticeable the rifle will be.
The color of the rifle: There is no choice (like walls) unlimited. The traditional shades are white, gray and creamy, and over the years, natural shades, gray and strong shades were added, and of course black. Many people are afraid to invest in choosing a rifle color, from the thought that within a few months the colors will change and everything will turn gray, so that there will be no changes.

Tosafot - the more the better?
But there is a fear (realistic, unfortunately) that it's a shame to invest in choosing a rifle color, because in any case, in a few months, the colors will change and everything Will turn gray, so that there will be no changes, we will take from the outset - a gray of dirt.


There are two main types of rifle:
An acrylic gun, easy to apply and nice to the sequences, but, you are likely to reach the gray known ..
An epoxy rifle, a powerful two-component rifle suitable for wet rooms or areas designated for wetting. The problem - difficult to implement, will happen a little more, plus the price on the implementation.

The solution for integration of features and implementation
Shotguns were manufactured: a specially made German-made acrylic rifle in a variety of shades. Easy to apply, strong and durable.


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