It is important! The specification is a general specification.
It is necessary to consult with the Technical Department of BI. J. Technologies, before performing the work.
Be sure to follow the relevant standards.

Alignment of concrete walls by sealing plaster
Perform good curing for concrete for at least 3 days, and wait for drying for 3 weeks.
Clean the concrete surface from dirt, oil residue and remove loose parts. If necessary, remove loose parts of old layers (cementing and sealing)

Remove protruding concrete parts with a scalpel or disc.

Clean the concrete infrastructure by washing water with high pressure and rubbing with hard brushes in the required places.

Handle visible iron by brushing it with two sealing layers with BJ Armusil 340 (see specification).

Treatment of proliferation lines by polyurethane gum PU-40 (See specifications).

Make repairs to the cast walls with BJ. Concrete rock 330 (See specifications). Wait for the entire patch layer to dry.

Prepare primer layer
Shake Me. J. Bond 17 With water in equal proportion and apply it by brushing or spraying on the concrete substrate. Then wait for drying.

Straighten the poured walls with a mixture Me. J. Plaster for armored personnel carriers (See specifications).

Mix the powder with the complex solution From me. J. Bond 2 And water in equal proportion, until a viscous and convenient mixture is obtained for application.

Apply the material with a smooth spatula and a layer of 3-8 mm on the walls to smooth the casting surface.

You've slept with me. J. Plaster for armored personnel carriers Implemented:
On an entire wall on the same day, or alternatively between the expansion seams or the separation lines, so that there are no connection marks. After initial application, scraping should be performed, so that the protective layer ends in line with the rulers.
Perform curing for 3 days 3 times a day.

Perform roulette in the corners with the help of a mixture Me. J. 305 refractory (In the connection between the walls and the floor and between the walls).

I'll improve my life. J. 305 refractor for at least 3 days by splashing water to maintain humidity and strength of the plaster.

After finishing the treatment, wait about 3 days to stiffen and dry the plaster before brushing the sealing layers.

Waterproofing layer
Brush the minimum two layers of Me. J. Flexil 162 Criss-cross, using a brush (see product specifications). Ensure uniform coverage of the material. Wait for 24 hours between applying layers. Allow 3 days to dry the sealing layer after application is complete.

Seal around injection tubes, tubes and flashlights with PU-40 polyurethane gum.

Perform a sealing test by filling the pool in stages for seven days.

Ceramic cladding
Prepare a paste mixture
By mixing Me. J. 40 With 15% of powder weight, BG. 17 and 15% water. Mix the material thoroughly (mechanical mixing) until the mixture is uniform and easy to work. Wait about 5 minutes after the first mixing and mix again. (See product specifications).

Apply the paste mixture with a serrated spatula on top of the substrate and on the back of the tile and attach the tile using the "wet on wet" method. (Adhesive layer thickness is about 6 mm.) Application of glue on the back of the tile requires tiles larger than 20X20 cm.

For applications in large areas
It is recommended to prepare a B solution. J. Bond 17 and water in equal ratio. The solution should be added while stirring (mechanical mixing) into the tile adhesive. 40. (Approximately 6 liter of a 20 bag solution).

Leave 3 mm spaces between the tiles and clean them from the paste mixture.

Fill in the spaces inMe. J. Acrylic rifle Plus 10% b. J. Bond 2 and 20% water, or Me. J. An epoxy rifle And applied according to the technical page of the product.

It is important!

Specification does not include Specific treatment of the relaxation joints and expansion joints, the insertion points of the pipes, around drainage channels and other elements of the structure, which should be treated separately.
All of the above is only a recommendation, given according to the best knowledge we possess and our extensive experience.
However, because the work is not under our control, the factory's warranty is limited to the quality and quality of the product only.
The operation must check compliance with its needs and proper performance of the work.