It is important! The specification is a general specification.
It is necessary to consult with the Technical Department of BI. J. Technologies, before performing the work.
Be sure to follow the relevant standards.

Preparation of the infrastructure
Drilling should be performed at an angle and depth required by the planner.

The pressure of the air must be thoroughly cleaned by the air pressure.

The hole diameter shall be 1-2 mm more than the rod diameter or otherwise, as determined by the planner.

Preparation of thorns (rods)
The metal rod usually comes in dirty from oil, dust, rust, etc.

Make a full bucket half full with a volatile diluent such as XYLENE or TOLUEN, lay the rods
In the bucket in the part designated for planting.

Rinse thoroughly with a brush and set aside to dry on a clean surface. (time
Instantaneous drying 10-20 seconds).

Preparation of the glue in me. J. Like a diamond
Mix parts A and B with an electric mixer at a speed of 400 rpm for 5 minutes, until you get an ointment

The application time of the mixing finish is 30-40 minutes, (depending on the temperature).  

Fill the inside of the drill hole with a deep 1 / 3 Bubby. J. Like a diamond.

Filling means can be improvised according to the convenience of execution, but the most recommended with a 5AC 4 gun or AC 
 With a content of 300 ml, or 600 ml. A plastic tube of 10 diameter can be attached to the mouth of the gun
Cm (such as stichmos) and fill the gun from the inside out.

The shaft should then be inserted slowly, with a rotary motion to the end, and be careful to exit
Excess adhesive from the drill evenly around the rod.

Then pull the rod out of the rod and apply another layer of adhesive to it
Drill slowly in a circular motion.

Tiners and epoxies are flammable substances and in closed areas may be harmful to breathing.

Take precautions and protective measures such as gloves, masks to protect the airways, and so on.
In the case of eye injury, rinse with plenty of water and contact the doctor immediately.

Do not touch the rod for 24 hours.

Do not perform retrieval tests etc. with devices before at least 7 days from the application.
All of the above is only a recommendation, given according to the best knowledge we possess and our extensive experience.
However, because the work is not under our control, the factory's warranty is limited to the quality and quality of the product only.
The operation must check compliance with its needs and proper performance of the work.

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