It is important! The specification is a general specification.
It is necessary to consult with the Technical Department of BI. J. Technologies, before performing the work.
Be sure to follow the relevant standards.

Specification for plaster sealing before cladding stone on exterior walls
The specification is based on stamping on a bi-based basis. J. Bond 2, for sealing exterior walls
And wet cover with T.19, network and tying.

External plaster system:
Concrete structure cast or combined structure Blocks and concrete parts:

On cast concrete, a roughness layer should be applied as follows:
1 CONCRETE POWDER Me. J. Bond 2 Diluted with water 1: 1 to be used as a liquid to mix the mixture.

Mix as needed until mixture is suitable for spraying a rough, rough spray.

The device should be set to large holes that will leave a minimum of 3 sprung at least to be sprayed on block walls.

Rinse the concrete foundation and ensure wetting before application.

The roughness layer should be improved for a day, at least two or three times a day. It is recommended that the fog sprayer on the same day provided that the layer has been dehydrated.

A layer of plaster for sealing the wall:
The plaster layer will be thick 8-10 mm .The mixture will be cement and sand in relation to 1 cement and 2.5 sand.
Add to the mixture in me. G. Bond 2 in an amount of 5 kg per bag of cement (10%) and water as needed.

The walls will be well drained before applying the layer.

The layer will be grated to roughness (spray paint can also be applied).

The plaster layer has to be curing for 3 days. On the first day there are several times, and the rest of the days have to be improved twice a day.

The first finishing touches to the plaster finish are very important and should be done early in the morning!

Covering with stone or marble:
The cover will be carried out according to the instructions of the consultant or the planner. 
All of the above is only a recommendation, given according to the best knowledge we possess and our extensive experience.
However, because the work is not under our control, the factory's warranty is limited to the quality and quality of the product only.
The operation must check compliance with its needs and proper performance of the work.

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