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It is important! The specification is a general specification.
It is necessary to consult with the Technical Department of BI. J. Technologies, before performing the work.
Be sure to follow the relevant standards.

Execution instructions for sealing molded planters
Railings must be carried out on rail and floor connections. The rubles will be sand cement mixture 1: 2.5, plus
BJ. Bond 2 Dilute in water.

For closing holes, pockets, gravel and the like, use sand cement mixture 1: 2.5 plus BG. Bond 2
Dilute in water.

It should be improved for one to two days several times a day. After that, wet the area and smear two
Layers Me. J. Flexil 162 4 / kg according to the instructions on the package.

Instructions for sealing built-in planters
Rolls should be performed as above.

Should be implemented Cement plaster Thickness of about 10 mm with a mixture as indicated above on the side of the blocks
And plaster can be made together when the roulette is executed first and then the plaster layer.

It should be improved for one to two days several times a day.

After that, wet the area and apply two layers. J. Flexil 162 In quantity of 4 kg / sq
According to the instructions on the package.

Sealing pipes and gutters in window boxes
When there is a pipe of water, electricity, etc. in the walls or floor of the planters, the seal should be as follows:
The length and depth of 1-1.5 cm should be cut around the pipe or receptor plate.

Clean the rack with dust and dirt and clean the tube with a Teener-soaked cloth, until thoroughly cleaned of residues
Concrete and so on.

Apply on the concrete walls, very carefully so as not to dirty the pipe, primer-type
Me. G. PU-40.

Fill the gap and around the drain openings with chewing gum Me. J. PU-40 Wrap well
Pipe and cover it with a material thickness of approximately 1-cm.

Waterproofing planters in length exceeding 5 meters in length
In cast or combined trays that are longer than 5 (mainly on roofs), a work seam is recommended:
Make a suture cut dummy width 1 cm and depth 2 cm, clean it and apply a primer
Of type B. J. PU-40.

Fill the gap with B-type gum. J . PU-40.

Masking tape should be pasted 3 cm wide above the gum for separation.

Apply BG. Flexil 162 And a FIBER MASH network of about 10-cm.

Afterwards, proceed to waterproofing the mistress in the BG. Flexil 162 according to the instructions on the package.
All of the above is only a recommendation, given according to the best knowledge we possess and our extensive experience.
However, because the work is not under our control, the factory's warranty is limited to the quality and quality of the product only.
The operation must check compliance with its needs and proper performance of the work.

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