It is important! The specification is a general specification.
It is necessary to consult with the Technical Department of BI. J. Technologies, before performing the work.
Be sure to follow the relevant standards.

General specification for sealing and covering wet rooms

Preparing the substrate for the flooring before sealing:
Perform a concrete belt casting using BJ. 420 RadioGrout At a minimum height of 10 cm to fix the track
(The cast itself will be raised as 1.5 cm above the final surface level of the floor).

Clean the concrete surface with dirt, grease residue and remove loose parts. If necessary, remove parts
Loose layers of old (cementing and sealing)

Remove protruding concrete parts with a scalpel or disc.

Clean the concrete infrastructure by washing water with high pressure and rubbing with hard brushes in places
Required. Wait for the infrastructure to dry.

Roll in corners with BJ mix. 305 refractory (connecting the walls to the floor)
The walls).

I'll improve you The BG. 305 refractory For at least 3 days by splashing water to maintain moisture
And its strengthening.

When finished, 3 should wait for days to harden and dehydrate before brushing.

First sealing of the infrastructure:
Apply a layer BJ. Radix Primer 2000 On top of the substrate using an irless sprayer \ brush \
250-300 / sq. Roller and wait 2-3-hours to dry in accordance with weather conditions.

Implement BG. Super Reflex 2001 In a single layer in the amount of 3.5 kg per square meter (in any case
A mixed planner or sealant consultant should follow his instructions). Wait at least 24 hours to dry,
Depending on weather conditions. When the concrete surface temperature drops below 10 ° C is required
Longer time to dry the layer

To protect the sealing system prior to installing piping, place a geotechnical cloth weighing 400 / m2.

Final sealing of flooring and walls: 
Build a stable construction of a wall (extras are reinforced all 40 cm and if necessary with vertical support
And horizontally).

Keep plates and gypsum blocks away for a minimum of 1.5 cm from the final floor level
About closing the seam with polyurethane gum BJ PU40 

Shrain (bridge) seam using sealing tape, and spread a layer of primer BG. Bond Roll or
Me. J. Bond 17 Dilute with water in relation to 1: 1 on top of gypsum block ashbond, gypsum plates and two sides
Seam in the amount of 0.15 per square meter. Apply primer with brush or spray. Wait for 4 hours
To dry.

Compose the plates with a gap of approximately 2-mm between them and fill in the spacing and bolts with the help of
Spoil onMe. J. Acrylic mastic 203.

Wait for the gum to dry and reapply in places where the gum has gone down after drying.

Seal the walls and flooring after installing piping and follow the instructions for smearing cemented in both
Layers of BJ. Radiant 701 Thickness 2.5-2.0 mm in quantity of 3.5 kg per square meter Wait for 3
Drying days.

Porcelain flooring on sesame:
Prepare a mixture of mortar glue to the flooring by mixing Me. J. 477 Purplish (40 BAG LENGTH) WITH 8-7 LITER
Water until the mixture is comfortable to work.

Apply the mixture on top of the tile with a spatula. (With its smooth side).

When applying the mixture on the back of the tile Material viscosity should be treated:
Thick material can not be applied by a spatula (a spatula drags the layer from the back of the tile)
Add water in the required quantity). 

The application can not be applied when the material is too thin, and powder should be added to the mixture. 

After applying the tile back, glue the porcelain porcelain tile to "wet on wet". Snap the
Paint the mortar with a rubber hammer until the material is removed from the sides of the tile. Be sure to apply the mortar layer.
The layer must be uniform and continuous.

It is recommended to occasionally detach the tile immediately after gluing in order to check the contact ability between
Apply to clay.

The application should not be too dry at the time of bonding and binds to the mortar.

The clay mixture should not be thickened with a straight surface and no air spaces after
Pasting it.

Leave spaces of 3 mm between the tiles and fill them withMe. J. Acrylic rifle (Can be improved by
Addition of 10% Me. J. Bond 2)
All of the above is only a recommendation, given according to the best knowledge we possess and our extensive experience.
However, because the work is not under our control, the factory's warranty is limited to the quality and quality of the product only.
The operation must check compliance with its needs and proper performance of the work.


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