News February 2019

Watch an impressive display of BG Bond products!
2 concrete casting rafts that lasted 30 hours in 2 beats (!) In the "Life" project, where Ashtrom is the executing contractor.
The project is being carried out in the Dan complex in Bnei Brak, including construction of buildings and parking lots.
This is a complex logistical challenge in which Creighton's Crystalline Sealant was implemented.
BJ Technologies from the Ashtrom Group continues to lead the construction boom in Israel!

BG Bond signed a sponsorship agreement with Velda Akishibrova, Israel's tennis champion of the year

The successful cooperation between the Tennis Association and BG Bond is expanding, and yesterday, 22.1.18, a sponsorship agreement was signed between the company and the Israeli champion, Velda Akashibrova.

Collaborate with the Tennis Association

"I am very happy and convinced that this will give me a tremendous boost for the near future," said Velda, "I would like to thank the Tennis Association for making great efforts to support the players and I am happy to have the privilege of being among those who are supported."

CEO of BG Bond, Sharon Leventer: "The moving story of Velda, who decided to leave her country of origin, immigrate to Israel and represent the state, helped us in the decision to support her. BG Bond wishes her great success. "

The chairman of the Israel Tennis Association, Yoni Yarom, added: "We are pleased that Walde's personal story has found an attentive ear in a humane and warm society like Jay Bond, who has been involved in the tennis world for years. We hope that this support will help her to advance in the world rankings. That's how she likes. We call upon other Israeli companies to adopt players as a sport and social involvement "

Vlada Ekshibarova
BG Paint - Choose Right

News October 2017

Creighton casting - Crystalline concrete sealing - Work for professionals only
7 Concrete pumps work in parallel, casting on a huge scale !!
In a national compound in Bnei Brak.
BG Technologies of the Ashtrom Group continues to lead the construction boom in Israel!

Creighton Casting - Sealing Crystal Concrete

Ashtrom House

Construction Site

Construction site Top view

Morning Designer in Zichron Yaacov - October 2017

On Thursday of autumn, in the most picturesque place in Israel, she edited BG PAINT Event for designers and architects

In the Tishbi restaurant in the magical pedestrian mall of Zichron Yaacov.
The morning session included enrichment training on the world of colors and an explanation of the color fan by the house designer
Miri Pikarsky-Rubin as well as an enjoyable knitting workshop.
It was fun!!!
BG PAINT thanks all the participants for a lovely morning.

Morning shapes

News November 2016

"BG Technologies of the Ashtrom Group, a sponsor of the Israel Tennis Association.

For the past 6 years, she has also sponsored the 2016 Masters competitions held last week, at the Isrotel Sport Hotel in Eilat. " 

Masters Cup 2016

News October 2016

Thank you letter from the Association of Tennis Association for the partnership of BG Bond in all its competitions ...

Davis Cup

Conference in the Negev

The Negev Builders Conference was held in the Negev for the Association of Contractors and Builders in the Southern Region 
Conference in the Negev

Negev Builders Conference 2

Negev Builders Conference 3

Vip event for architects

At the Herzliya Museum of Art there was a vip event for architects at the 9.3.16.

Vip event for architects
Vip event for architects 2

Vip event for architects 3

Engineers Conference,
Sealing and insulation, concrete and facades - 19

Conference of engineers, sealing and insulation, concrete and interior cladding - January 19, 2016
18.1.16 Architects Conference:

Architects Conference 18.1.16



News BG Bond - 31.12.15

International Tennis Competition 
BG ISRAEL OPEN , Sponsored by BG (Israel) Technologies, held in Kiryat Gat.

As part of a social engagement activity in which the company takes part in many events, BG has sponsored 
International Tennis Competition BG ISRAEL OPEN, Which was held in memory of the two victims of the Carmel disaster 
Roy Biton and Hagai Jorno.
Dozens of tennis players from all over the world played in the competition and the event lasted for a week 

The games are watched by many from the entire region.


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BG Bond News

On Wednesday, the 21.10, we launched the new fan BG Paint In the Home Design building in Netanya.

Many architects, designers and professionals arrived at the event, enjoying rich refreshments and professional lectures.

Designer Michael Azoulay reviewed the world and local design, with an emphasis on the world of colors.

Among the hosts were Alex Lifshitz, Chairman of Ashtrom Industries, Yaron Goldman, CEO of Ashtrom Industries and Sharon Leventer, CEO of BG Technologies.

The new BG Paint fan Launch of BG Paint's new fan
Launch of the new BG Paint 3 fan Launch of the new BG Paint 2 fan



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