roof sealing

BJ Glow

BJ Glow

Advanced flexible acrylic coating for sealing roofs and walls. Adheres well to surfaces Bitumen, wood, concrete, asbestos board or asphalt roofs
BG armored roof

BG armored roof

Acrylic paste for sealing and whitening roofs. As expected, protects the roof from water penetration in winter and warming the roof in the summer.

B.J. Bond presents its superior roof and wall sealants: Sealing light roofs and pitched roofs, Insulated panel roof waterproofing, Negative wall sealing, Sealing moisture by spraying on exterior walls And in shared buildings, Negative wall sealing by injection , Sealing gutters and leaks without destruction, Basement waterproofing and more.

Among the quality products you can find B.J. Glo and B.J. armored -
When each of these substances is a substance Sealing Suitable for roofs or any wall in a building, and all materials are manufactured to an international standard and meet the most stringent standards

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