From its establishment in 1982, B.G. Bond from Ashstrom Industries Group develops, manufactures and markets finishing solutions for the construction sector.
Our unique approach to product development and the response we provide to various construction challenges has positioned B.G. Bond is at the forefront of innovation and has earned us the trust of the leading companies in the field of construction in Israel and around the world. We are proud of our part in the development of construction capabilities in Israel and our contribution to the flourishing of the industry.
in B.G. At Bond you will find innovative solutions for familiar challenges in the field of construction, and a wide range of gluing, cladding, sealing and insulation solutions, concrete restoration materials, decorative paints and coatings, acrylic adhesives for industry and more, the result of local development and production at our factory in Kibbutz Beit Govrin. Our development department has decades of knowledge and experience, and continuous contact with the field to identify needs and challenges and solve them using advanced technologies. BJ Bond Technologies Ltd. holds the ISO-9001 standard, our products are controlled and adjusted to meet the requirements of the Israeli and international standards as needed, by our professional technical laboratory team with decades of experience.

We, B.G. Bond, believe in an environmental approach and invest many resources to reduce the use of polluting factors throughout the production processes in order to reduce as much as possible our environmental impact. We make every effort to use environmentally friendly products and most of our products are water soluble.

BJ Bond is obliged to comply with all the requirements of the law and regulations concerning the quality of the environment.
Meeting the needs of our customers through advanced solutions, quality products and meticulous personal service are the driving force behind B.G. Bond from the day of its establishment until today.
We are at your disposal for advice and support, from defining the requirements and writing the specification to implementing our product.

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Company values

Commitment to quality

We at B.J. Technologies are committed to the highest quality of our entire range of products and the service we provide to our customers.

Excellence and innovation

For company employees excellence and innovation is a way of life. We see innovative and creative thinking as a need, and so we succeed in making changes and creating real value for our customers.

The client is the main thing

Each of our clients is at the center of the company's decision-making processes. We are committed to responding quickly to each client and accurately identifying their needs.

company values

B.J. Bond in the world

Our extensive experience and wide range of products are also in demand overseas.

Our products reach the whole world - starting in the Middle East (Egypt and Jordan) where the company has extensive activity in the field of polymers and additives for textiles, through Turkey, Romania, Belgium and South America.

In Western Europe and the US the company sells polymer flame retardants to textiles.

Even in the field of construction, the volumes of international activity are growing year by year. BG products Bond comes to complex projects all over the world - from paint and silicones to Schlicht and unique coatings for tennis courts and more.

B.J. Technologies has been a partner for years in Israeli and European science programs that encourage research and development of innovative products.

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