B Company. Ltd. is the result of the merger of two leading companies in the construction industry - BG Polymers and Shachlit Kiprod Ltd. The company specializes in the development, production and marketing of adhesives, cladding, sealing and insulation solutions, Epoxy, decorative paints and coatings, acrylic adhesives for industry and more.

The company's products are manufactured in a factory on Kibbutz Beit Guvrin and rely on the vast technological know-how accumulated over dozens of years of experience.

The quality of the products and customer satisfaction are the foundations upon which the company relies. Bubby. The company is committed to innovation, service and high quality, and is certified by the ISO 9001 Standards Institute.

The company's representatives are happy to provide each customer with professional advice and technical support from the stage of defining the requirements and writing the specification to the implementation stage.

Our factory

Company values

Commitment to quality

We are Bubby. G. Technologies are committed to the highest quality of our entire range of products and service.

Excellence and innovation

For company employees excellence and innovation is a way of life. We see innovative and creative thinking as a need, and so we succeed in making changes and creating real value for our customers.

The client is the main thing

Each of our clients is at the center of the company's decision-making processes. We are committed to responding quickly to each client and accurately identifying their needs.

company values

BJ in the world

Our extensive experience and wide range of products are also in demand overseas.

Our products reach all over the world - starting in the Middle East (Egypt and Jordan) where the company has extensive activity in the field of polymers and textile additives, through Turkey, Romania, Belgium and South America.

In Western Europe and the US the company sells polymer flame retardants to textiles.

In the field of construction, too, the volume of international activity is growing year by year. B products. G-Bond comes to complex projects all over the world - from paint and silicones to shlicht and unique coatings for tennis courts and more.

Me. G Technologies has been a partner for years in Israeli and European scientist programs that encourage research and development of innovative products.

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